Boiler Repair and Installation

Harness the power of steam with a boiler heating system. We do Install, repair and maintenance for commercial boilers, as well as, residential. Whether it's a large gas powered boiler system for a complex industrial system or a smaller electric boiler for residential applications, our technicians are well equipped to handle the job. We do system updates with design/build services for new and existing structures.

Furnace Installation and Repair Services

Stay warm during the long winters in the Upper Peninsula with a quality furnace running at optimal capacity. We can diagnose repair existing equipment, or install completely new systems with efficient equipment and effective duct design.


From pellet stoves to gas powered fireplaces to the wood burning units, Northern can help you get the best equipment for your specific situation. Clean, professional installs with quality service. We can install for new homes or replace old wood burning systems with newer, more efficient fireplaces that look better and work better.

Heat Pump Equipment

New, efficient heat pump technology is an effective way to upgrade your heating system for your business or your home. Our technicians are experts in the latest technology for clean, efficient heating systems. From Ductless minisplits to heat pumps that run off geothermal energy, we can help you design an modern heating system that works for you.

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